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by KimberlyCoots on June 9, 2011

What Imprint Are You Making In the World?

I was reading an entry about Remiel, the angel of mercy, from a book about angels and it really moved me.  It spoke of the rage and guilt humans often carry within about the past tragic actions of humanity, and the healing of those wounds. I’m sharing with you my meditation on this reading:

Everything is energy. It is easy to mistake the true essence of what you are by believing you are the physical form you currently inhabit. That’s one reason why death and destruction is so difficult for many of us.  But when you look at death and destruction in a different light…where death and destruction is simply the changing of form that we as energy take on, you may see that death is really not an ending.  It is a transformation….a taking on of a different shape (or release from physical form altogether).  Like the butterfly…beginning as the caterpillar and transforming into the winged beauty set free to fly.

Many people go through life unconscious of what impact their energy is making on the planet. Your energy includes your thoughts, words,feelings and actions.  It’s really the imprint you are making in the world because your energy influences others…your family, friends and people you interact with.  The influence you make on them through your energy also has the power to carry on through those you touch, carrying on and
on and on.

It’s easy to think “I’m only one person in a world of billions so I am small and powerless”.  But when you realize how far the influence of your energy can transcend, you can see how powerful your imprint in the world can be.

I ponder these questions to realize the impact I am making with my energy and encourage you to as well:

In my interactions with others and the energy (thoughts, words, feelings and actions) that I extend to them, am I manifesting light, love, and empowerment with them for the highest good of all? Or am I manipulating their energy in order to get what I want?  Quite simply put, “…am I manifesting divine greatness or manipulating to self-serve?”

You may think you know what’s best for others, but when you hold the space for them to figure it out and support them in empowering themselves, that is manifesting the divine greatness within every one of us. Manipulating to serve the self creates separation, lack and playing small.

In summary, you are a very powerful energy source.  Be aware of what your imprint in the world is.  Don’t belittle yourself on past actions – focus on what you want next, right now, for yourself and the planet and align your energy with manifesting the divine greatness that you already are.

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